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Some Lesser-Known Benefits of an A/B Tested Website

Some Lesser-Known Benefits of an A/B Tested Website
A/B testing is also known as bucket testing and split testing. It is one and only method to compare two different versions of web pages to each other to determine which one performs better. Except web pages, it is also used to compare two versions of an app to know about the performance of an app. It is a highly cost effective strategy for improving your website’s conversion rate.

If A/B testing done in the right way, it will allow you to increase your revenue. Many owners use A/B testing to figure out the best online marketing strategy for their business. They use it to test everything from website copy to search ads and sales mails. Well planned testing can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts.

Are you ready to know about the benefits of an A/B testing for your website? Let’s have a look at given benefits.

It measures your site’s performance

Before you start testing, first measure your website’s current performance. It will help you know about the current performance of your site. When you use Google Analytics, you will get three different basic metrics, including basic metric, engaging metric, and conversion metric. Use them to measure the overall performance of your website.

It helps you spot the issues on your website

A/B testing is the greatest way to know that which area of your website design need improvement to boost your conversion rates and revenue. There are several areas of a website that may need improvement, including navigation, call to action, images, and contact details. By testing these areas, you have the ability to enhance the performance of your website.

It increases the marketing potential of your website

By having an idea to increase your marketing value, you can easily get your goal. Split testing is one of the best ways to redefine your website into a profitable marketing tool. As it is already mentioned that there are three basic metrics to enhance the performance of a site. That’s why, it is crucial to set up the target metrics that you want to achieve. Another way to enhance the marketing potential is getting feedback from your visitors.

It allows you to experiment

Split testing offers you various opportunities to change and analyze the design of your current website. It also allows you to see what users like or don’t like on your website. It shows you how visitors reach point B from a Point A. After testing your website, you have higher chances of improving the overall performance and design of your site.

Have you run A/B testing on your website? Did you find any problem with your site? If so, sort out it as soon as it becomes a major problem for you. If you want to know about your website’s performance, contact us at WireTree in Toronto.