WordPress Maintenance Solutions – Reliable, Responsive & Effective

WordPress Maintenance Solutions – Reliable, Responsive & Effective

Toronto’s Leading WordPress Maintenance Professionals

Maintenance is considered an important aspect of a WordPress Website. A website developed in WordPress needs to be updated with every new update available in the market. If your website is not maintained, it can become slow, unreliable and inaccurate. Regular maintenance is crucial if you want an effective website.

Theme plugins need to be updated regularly. Moreover, the unwanted data, files and content needs to be removed instantly to enhance performance of your website.

Why WireTree?

  • Personal Assistance – You’ll be provided with a maintenance engineer, in case your site needs maintenance service. We’ll be in touch with you every month, with a call service, to hear queries regarding performance. Acknowledge us with feedback, so that our WordPress experts can work to provide you with great services and functionality.
  • Significant Updates – Don’t worry if a plugin update pops up every week, reminding you of a free trial. Our WordPress maintenance plan eliminates the update headaches for any plugin, theme or core WP. You don’t need to test every update. We’ll test each update’s effectiveness, and only then a update notification be forwarded to you. Once you apply the updates, we’ll test the site again, if any conflicts arise, we will fix that right up.
  • Security Scans – With the WordPress maintenance package, we’ll provide you with security fix ups. By regularly scanning your website for any malwares or threats, we’ll alert you about any security concerns found on your site. By signing up with us, we’ll start a Security fix up, for removing troubleshoot problems, if any are found.
  • Timely Backups – Backing up a website is an important aspect, as you won’t have to worry about losing anything. We’ll provide you with timely backups to maintain an easy access to your website, in case any of the updates fail. In case any of the updated plugins doesn’t work effectively, a backup website will help you to get it back.

WordPress Issues Troubling You?
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What can we offer you at WireTree?

  • Theme, Plugin & WordPress Updates – We will update the latest version of free and paid WordPress plugins, themes , and WordPress updates on your website.
  • WordPress Updates – We’ll update your website with the latest version of free and paid WordPress updates that rolled out in the market.
  • Data Backup – We’ll provide you with backup of all your website data, content, plugins, media and themes, in case any emergency recovery is required.
  • Malware clean up – As part of the maintenance plan, we regularly run a malware scan, identifying security splits to prevent possible attacks.
  • Database Optimization – We provide database optimization, by removing any unused images, comments, data and tables.
  • Database Backup – We’ll provide regular backups for your database, in case your website undergoes any rollbacks.
  • Monthly Assistance – We’ll provide you with a maintenance engineer to assist in any of the problems you are facing in maintaining your website.
  • Up-time Monitoring – We’ll notify you in case, your website is not accessible to users, or if any hosting control conflict arises.
  • Google Analytics Setup – Our maintenance plan includes providing you with an Google analytic setup to analyze your visitor activities.

Hidden Malwares – A Lingering Threat in the Background

With growing popularity, WordPress sites has become a target of hacking, malwares and performance degrading threats. Various malwares can be reported when encountered. Hackers can hack a WP site by infecting it with hidden code.

How Malwares Affect Your Website’s Security

  • Backdoors – Hackers gain access to your website using FTP or WordPress admin area.
  • Pharma Hacks – Hacks by injecting spam in website files or database.
  • File and Database Injections – Insert code into your files that enables the hacker do a number of different things.
  • Malicious Redirects – Redirects visitors to some other page that mislead people to download an infected file.
  • Phishing – Used to access personal information such as username, passwords, email addresses, or other sensitive information.

WordPress Maintenance

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