Our Latest Client Reviews

Attentive to details and all my requests. Made the process very easy by taking care of all of the details. A pleasure to work with WireTree.
Gerald Friedman MD www.friedmanbrain.ca
WireTree Company has been a major part of my success story, great customer service and very speedy response to issues and request. Gary and the rest of the team are doing a great job and always available to upgrade my website anytime need arise. So grateful for working with WireTree and i always recommend other entrepreneurs to use their service due to my wonderful experience with them.
Blessing Kenneth www.bkuniquehair.com
It’s my pleasure to recommend WireTree company to do online advertising services. We have been working with them almost a year and our ranking is high. We have been experiencing much higher volume of phone calls and emails from customers.WireTree has also advised about the tips how to manage different key words, areas of service, videos and pictures to add the recognition of the company, since competitiveness is high.The rates are reasonable. They always follow up with ours request and do them promptly in order to increase our business.
John Duranovic www.eavesandsiding.com
WireTree is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are very professional and really friendly which makes working with them great! They created a wonderful website for our company (www.classicpconcrete.ca) and we are really happy with the outcome. They’re always great at responding to emails where I need updates done or have questions about our website. I would recommend WireTree to anyone looking for a new website/ digital services.Thanks
Samantha Classic Paving & Concrete | www.classicpconcrete.ca
WireTree – Has been a great support with my business needs. Most importantly WireTree is very responsive, trustworthy, and professional to the core.I would recommend WireTree to any New and/or existing business that needs either a full pledge website and/or a landing page.WireTree is dedicated to their brand and most importantly to their customers. We had a two major projects that required a lot of patience, and understanding. The kind staff of WireTree provided alternatives and solutions that were all a win-win for our business needs.I look to repeat my business with WireTree because they understand tight deadlines and aim for customer satisfaction.Thank you Gary of WireTree and to your start-of -art team you all are representing your brand to fullest. Please keep up the great work for your services are needed.Thank you
Christopher Lawrence Managing Director | www.sociallegacyeventgroup.com
I highly recommend the WireTree team! I could have never imagined getting such amazing service at such an affordable value. The work done is all unique and creative, not your regular template work.If you are looking for a website or graphics works, I highly suggest you use WireTree, you won’t be disappointed.
Hugo Lichtenstein www.made2measureclothing.com
Hi WireTree,There’s so much to do and consider when starting a new business and it can get very overwhelming. From the 1st day I discussed my project with web designers of WireTree, their professionalism, attentiveness and ability to quickly understand my vision and business needs put my mind at ease right away. I have been trying to communicate my vision to a few web developers before I contacted WireTree and it wasn’t easy. While developing the site, communication was excellent and I was able to reach team, get a prompt responsive and support and they in implemented all my requests in a timely manner. I have already received so many compliments on my new website for my new business and to this day the team continue to support me with my business needs. Thank you so very much for the exceptional customer service! I highly recommend WireTree Web Design to everyone!
Yadi Dissasa www.liv.fit
WireTree was a pleasure to work with. Everything was done in a very professional and timely manner. My website turned out amazing and I would highly recommend their services to anyone!
Leora Tate www.lifespoochy.com
Hi WireTree,Over the years we have dealt with many companies and people putting together several different web sites that we have had. What we found with all of them, because of our limited amount of experience with web development and jargon they spoke down to us and just gave us the basic, never completely answering our questions or fixing our problems.When your Company was mentioned to us by a colleague, we were impressed after looking at a few of your sites. We decided to contact you and found how easy it was to change everything. Your directions are extremely thorough and understandable, even at out level. Whatever my question you give an understandable explanation.Thank you again for all you help. Would recommend you to anyone.
S Murray www.atsk9detection.com
When I started my own Small Business, I knew that I would need a website and I knew I was not computer “savvy” enough to create it myself. There are so many people out there offering their services and such an enormous variance in price range, choosing the right company to build it was a bit of a challenge. Then I came across WireTree advertisement and my gut feeling was this was the person to go with. Their price was within my budget, the reviews I read were good and I liked the examples of other websites I’d seen that this team had built. I was not disappointed. I was more than pleased with the end result, which was completed within the stated time-frame, despite me asking for a number of changes and additions, all of which were done promptly and professionally. An additional bonus is the fact that, even though the website is up and running, they offer a free backup service.I would happily recommend WireTree team to anyone wanting someone to build them a website.
Hilary Holt www.thedrierdogcompany.com
Hi WireTree,All I can say is good about my experience with WireTree group. They are professionals. Most of my communication was with their web designers through emails. I found over time that to get the results for any kind of service, I have to define my requests clearly. I applied this simple rule to my communications with WireTree group. When I clearly explained what I needed, they delivered whatever I asked and they even exceeded my expectations in most cases. They are very knowledgeable and they respond to all requests promptly. They are very polite and they communicate professionally with respect and honor. They are very open to any question and request. They openly responded to any technical question I asked and they spent time to respond clearly and they never played any games. At beginning of the project they did not ask for any deposit and when we were close to end of project; in fact, I had to ask them for the payment and I wanted to compensate them for their efforts and great service, as I had to take a break due to medical reasons. My website is not perfect as it is not fully complete yet but I’m sure they will support me in all aspects down the road. Their charges are very reasonable and I’m glad that I’m dealing with this wonderful team of professionals.
Pay Tab www.paradisplay.ca
HiI am owner of new skin laser clinic.I hired WireTree team to redo my website I was amazed at the price they quoted me as well what was included.I decided to try them and I was amazed at how quickly they got my website done as how I wanted it they didn’t ask me to provide all the images they got it all for me which was so nice and less work and money for me.His team was so good and communicating with what I wanted and putting it in exactly how I liked it.I highly recommend them.
Tas Jamal www.newskinbeauty.ca
WireTree, it has been a pleasure working with you on the development of our new web site www.carriagehillcoloureddiamonds.com . I have received many compliments from industry insiders as well as clients. You embody the professional qualities that gives one the feeling that you are in good hands. I would like to ask anyone who is considering constructing a website or making upgrades or adjustments to their existing site to give these guys a call. If you need advice WireTree staff is always there 24/7. If you need to make changes he has it done like lightning and to perfection. I cannot recommend anyone higher.
Peter Loizos President / Carriage Hill Coloured Diamonds | www.carriagehillcoloureddiamonds.com
WireTree, I just want to thank you for all the work your group has done creating a mobile friendly website for us. Responses to our questions and requests have always been quick and we really appreciate it. The SEO work you have completed for us has been outstanding and you have positioned us at the top of Google results which has been very beneficial for our business. We would not hesitate to recommend your team to others.
Mike Merry Merry Farms
WireTree team provided excellent support to me in building my website from the ground up. They provided a nice design, business logo and a very responsive website. The service was timely, and all requests were very professionally handled. The end result is a very professional looking website. I would certainly recommend Wire tree to anyone looking to get their websites designed, build along with logo.
Vivek Gupta CPA CGA, CPA(US), CISA | www.nvrprofessionalcorp.com
To Whom It May ConcernI have had difficulty in the past to find a reliable website designer/programmer until I found WireTree.First, your team know the business along with the technical stuff that I as a graphic designer/photographer do not know sufficiently…Second, WireTree is not the type that asks for money up front but rather does the work and finishes it before asking for anything.Their trust in the clients is inspiring and the prices are very modest… Their quality work along with the customer service attitude makes me want to hire WireTree for all my future web design and programming services!
Marcel Leutenegger Design Ideas
I want to thank you and your incredible staff for creating a website that is user-friendly and exactly what we needed. Your quick response to modifications is really appreciated.Customer service remains one of my top priorities and I can see that it is also a top priority of your company.
Maggie Executive National Vice-President | www.empowervpnation.ca
Hi Team WireTree!!I am extremely pleased with the service we have received from your company! I find we get immediate responses and the website is user friendly to all!Thank you for all your support during this process and I would recommend you to many!
Carla Lupo National Vice President | www.empowervpnation.ca
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