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All You Need To Know About New WordPress 4.7
4.7 is a major WordPress release that brings a lot of amazing improvements and several bug fixes. This feature-packed version of WP will make your website even more better. Make sure you perform a full website backup before updating WordPress 4.7. It is also advisable to check if your theme or plugin providers have mentioned anything specific about WP 4.7 support.

In this article, we will discuss about what’s new in WordPress 4.7 and what features you must try after updating the website.

Twenty Seventeen – A New Default Theme

When you expect an update, you also expect a new default theme and here it comes. Twenty Seventeen is a beautiful theme that is apt for business websites. It has the much desired flexibility and crisp, which looks great on all screens.

Video Header Support

Video header support allows developers to add full screen videos. Users can now upload their own videos in mp4 format or even add a YouTube video.

Starter Content Support for Themes

Starter content support is a great help for users to set up a site with dummy content that they can edit later to meet their own needs. User just have to visit the theme customizer to save the starter content.

PDF Previews

WordPress 4.7 provides a feature that will generate thumbnail previews for PDF files and display them in media library. This feature will create an image of the first page of PDF file that is stored in different sizes and can be viewed in media library.

Edit Shortcuts in Customizer Preview

WordPress 4.7 brings an exciting feature that will help new users to edit an item with ease. With ‘Edit Shortcuts’ in customizer preview that is placed on editable items. Since, it is a new feature, it might not be available with your current theme.

Add Custom CSS in Live Preview

WordPress 4.7 allows you to quickly add custom CSS with the help of Customizer and view live preview of the changes done. This feature can surely save a lot of time and efforts of developers.

Admin Language Control

Now, you can easily switch the admin area language with WP 4.7. However, you will still have to install the languages so users can switch them.

Editor Improvements in WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 brings some major changes to the editor. Now, you can see keyboard shortcuts in tooltips and drop-down menus. The paragraph and heading selector menu can also be seen in the top bar.

With this new version, users get a plethora of exciting features. If you want to know more about this latest version, feel free to contact our expert WordPress developers in Toronto.