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Top 10 Ideas to improve user experience on your website in SEO
Today’s marketing landscape shows that a website is the most powerful tool for any business. Thus, every user that visits your page should have a memorable experience and be SEO friendly website to bring those visitors again. Let us learn some simple 10 ideas to improve the user experience.

Top 10 Ideas to improve user experience on your website in SEO

Ues White Space
Do not have too much white space on your website. People have come here to learn and explore your service or product. Choose a theme or design your website in a manner to use the white space efficiently. Do not keep it too white or too cluttered. Find a balance to it.

Optimize the web speed
With an attention span of about 10-15 seconds for every user. Therefore, you need to get the message straight out there in a limited time. Make sure that the website loading speed is less than 2 seconds.

Use attractive call to action
Everybody adds buy now, get yours. But what could get your visitor’s attention is an attractive call to action text. If you include a more personalized form of a call to action like Yeah, I want this, or Hell Yeah let’s learn, etc then these are more likely to get engagements. It will trigger the visitor to take action.

Use hyperlink differentiation
Make sure that you add hyperlinks to the right texts and it is visually attractive and easier for the user to point out. This will help in taking the visitor to the right platform at the right time.

Segment key information with pointers
Keep the content less in the paragraph forms but more in the segmented forms along with pointers. Let them know about your services and products in the quickest way possible. Also, you do not have to follow the traditional way of showcasing them.

Use images
Visuals impact the visitors the most. Make sure to use the images wisely and make the website look more appealing to an eye with the right information. Moreover, one interprets text slower than a pictorial form of it. So, make use of it.

Include well-written headlines
Well-written and designed headlines can take you and your products or services really far. This will attract the potential costumes to take an action. The content should speak to them directly.

Keep the website page consistent
The website pages should be consistent- do not make them really different from each other. Each page should gel with each other in order to create a visual impact on the visitor.

Catch the 404s
Remember to catch the 404s Users do not like this and they are more likely to skip if the link or the image shows a 404 page. They expect the link to bring the relevant information to them but the page is not working fine. Therefore, do not end up creating a wrong image about the brand or the business.

Make it Responsive and Mobile Friendly
People are more active on other screens compared to a PC or a laptop. Therefore, make your website sufficiently responsive and friendly for it to work on other platforms without any hassle. Keep it easier to navigate for the users.

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