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The Art of Minimalism in Web Design: How Less Can Be More

Minimalist design has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. By using fewer elements, minimalist designs can create a more focused and streamlined user experience. Implementing a minimalist design, however, is not as easy as it seems. Hiring a local website design company to help you implement a minimalist website design is the way to go. The benefit of hiring a local website design company like ours, is that our employees are well versed with the UI/UX of a minimalist website design and can implement it correctly. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking to try out a minimalist website design, here are a few tips:

1. Use plenty of white space: White space, or negative space, is the empty space between elements on a page. By using plenty of white space, you can create a more spacious and visually appealing website design that is not too busy.

2. Use a limited color palette: Using a limited color palette can help create a more cohesive and consistent website design. Choose a few colors that work well together and use them consistently throughout your site.

3. Focus on typography: Typography can make a big difference in how your website looks and feels. Use typography to create hierarchy and emphasis, and choose fonts that are easy to read.

4. Simplify the navigation: Minimalist website design works best when the navigation is simple and straightforward. Use clear and concise labels, and avoid overwhelming visitors with too many options and graphics within your website.

5. Use high-quality visuals: While minimalist website designs use fewer elements, the elements that are used should be of high quality. Use high-quality images and videos to create a more engaging experience.

By using these tips, you can create a minimalist website design that not only looks great but also provides a more focused and streamlined user experience. This way, you are also conveying the professionality of your local business and setting up a good initial experience for potential clients who are likely to contact you for your services. To get started with designing your minimalist website, it is best you contact a local website company with the expertise on how to implement the required UI/UX.

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3 Reasons Why a Good Website Design is Important for Businesses

3 Reasons Why a Good Website Design is Important for BusinessesSmall and big businesses alike need to have a website these days. A lot of companies, however, seem to think that having any kind of website is already enough. They choose not to invest in making sure that their website looks good because they assume that as long as their target market can find them online, they’re all set. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A good website design is just as important as having a functional one. Here are three reasons why:

Your Website is Usually the First Impression You Give

Much like in real life, first impressions last. When people visit your website for the first time, you only have a few seconds to leave a good impression. If they find your site unappealing, chances are they’ll just leave and look for another business that has a better-looking website. On the other hand, if you make sure that your website catches their eye and leaves them wanting more, you’ve already increased the chances of turning that visitor into a customer.

A Well-Designed Website inspires Confidence and Trust

When people visit websites, they tend to judge the business based on how their site looks. A lot of them will automatically assume that if a company has a well-designed and professional-looking website, then it must be credible and trustworthy. On the other hand, if they see a site that looks like it was made by an amateur with no regard for aesthetics, they will most likely lose confidence in the company and look elsewhere.

A Good Website Design Shows That You are Willing to Invest in Your Business

Investing in a good website design shows your target market that you are willing to invest in your business. This gives them the impression that you are serious about what you do and that you want to provide them with the best possible experience. Remember, people are always looking for businesses that they can rely on. If they see that you are willing to go the extra mile, they will be more likely to trust you with their needs.


These are just some of the reasons why it’s important for businesses to have a good website design. Keep in mind that your website is usually the first impression you give to potential customers. Make sure that it leaves a good one!

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Why a compelling website design is a must for the success of your business

Why a compelling website design is a must for the success of your businessMany entrepreneurs often cut corners when designing their websites while planning for their company’s digital presence. This can be due to various reasons. Costs involved in website designing and hosting are one of the main reasons that prompt business owners to postpone the launch of a professional website. Often, they also get the design done in-house or employ cheaper alternatives that could be available for lower costs. While there is no harm in cutting costs or stretching the dollar to meet the critical needs of a business, not considering web development as a critical process can stymie profits and delay returns significantly. This is because websites are marketing and communication tools without which a business remains obscure and inaccessible to potential customers.

Since a sizeable number of customers are online and resort to online methods to search for their needs, a website becomes the first point of interaction between the customer and the business. Here is where first impressions make a deep impact! If the website of a business is poorly designed and badly executed, customers would not be encouraged to explore more, and worse, would prefer to keep away after the first interaction. Therefore having a professionally-designed website is very important to attract and maintain customer loyalty.

Here are some of the most important aspects of a well-designed website:

Visual appeal

The process of designing a website gets all the more complex when one understands that a site is developed for a diverse set of customers across the world. Even the colours and font size used in a website can become serious mistakes if they do not appeal to the majority of visitors. A good site has to be easily navigable, consistent in layout, employ the most popular technologies (so that all customers can use it effectively), and be engaging rather than distracting. This is where the experience of professional web designers who are trained continuously on the nuances of customer interaction becomes vital for the success of a website. While a website can be developed with some knowledge and creativity, using it as an effective marketing tool requires the professional experience of professional web designers.

Images and text layout can make or break a deal when it comes to websites. Properly formatted text that is consistent in size and easy to read complements effective content. Similarly, well-spaced and thoughtful additions of images and, even animations, can enhance content on a website. In circumstances that demand so, the use of professional animations is also required to enhance the quality of a site, which requires the skills of professional web designers who can optimise performance within defined project costs.


Gone are the days when websites were supposed to have flashy animations and music on their landing pages. However, some designers are still steeped in the past and one can come across websites that are heavily distracting. Professional websites have a clean interface that conveys the values of the business that owns the site. A good professional web designer can easily merge interactive elements into a minimalistic web design that is least distracting and gets things done easily for the customer. Such designs that provide superior user experiences are in demand because they make customers comfortable.

Marketing elements

Rather than serve as a static information repository, businesses are using websites to provide interactive information to users. This calls for some serious web-designing skills that span many domains of knowledge such as customer psychology, user-interface design, interactive content management and so on. Businesses cannot actualise the full potential of their websites if the site serves only as an information provider. With the world fast moving into analytics management, data provided by customers is valuable and finds use in future marketing initiatives. This calls for high-end technologies and professional web-designing skills that are mostly not available with novice developers.

Cost and Usability

Beyond all the talk of technology and good design, a website design becomes successful only if it is ultimately useful to the customer. Even a low-tech design can sometimes attract and retain more customers provided its design is executed well. On the other hand, there are certain situations in which the use of technology has to be maximised to generate good leads for the website’s owner. Discerning how much to deploy is the skill that is vested with good, professional designers who know how to make a site usable for customers. They know how to tweak and manage elements of good site design within the cost parameters of customers. Employing a good designer would therefore be beneficial in the long run.

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Making an Eye-Catching Logo and Design Your Website

Making an Eye-Catching Logo and Design Your Website
A company can be recognized not only by its name but by a unique symbol of its own, and that can cause a very long impression on the memory of the viewer? Yes, it is the logo of the company. The logos of businesses are how most of the brands are now remembered.

Having a great idea for a business is important, but the logo creates an image of the brand in the customer’s subconscious mind that will be remembered. You don’t have to be artistic for a catchy eye logo, but you need to have an idea.

WireTree can help you make an excellent logo for your business, which can be eye-catching. Logo Design Toronto provides you with such designs that can stay as an impression in the viewers’ minds.

How to Make a Perfect Eye-Catchy Logo

When it comes to an eye-catchy logo, there are a lot of things that can be considered. The first idea that people get about logos is that they should reflect all their qualities and values. But things are much more than just that. Now, here are a few things that a person with a business looking for a logo should consider. The logo should give an impression of the company.

Here are a few tips to make an eye-catching logo design for your website.

  1. Simplicity at its best: It can be quite hard to realize that simple logos create an impression in the visitors’ mind that will stay for a long time. Moreover, simple logos make it eye-catching for the people who are seeing it. Moreover, these simple logos are more versatile, just in case if you are ever going to change it, it gives you a lot of choices where you can apply those changes. If you are looking for a perfect logo for your website, which is eye-catching, then keep it simple, and you’re halfway making your ideal logo design.
  2. Trends are Temporary: One of the most important things about making a website is keeping the items in the market, and everyone is using it makes it lose its uniqueness. Now, trends are good. They help you in business, but if you’re making a logo based on a trend, it might work for the short term, but it won’t be as attractive and unique in the long run. Instead, it would sound outdated.
  3. Consult a professional: Choosing a logo can be a hard thing for a creation. Logos are much more important for a business than just a symbol representing the business. In such cases, professionals can advise you to get you the best eye-catching logo Toronto for your business. The professionals give you those things which we often miss.
  4. Make the logo for your Business and Audience: The logo will represent your business and mark your audience. A perfect masterpiece website logo is not created by the designers but by the audience. Keep in mind that these things matter, and while designing the logo, it affects everything you do.
  5. Keep it creative yet simple: Simple logos create an impression, and adding some creativity to it makes it unique. Could you not make it too complex to understand?
  6. Colours: When it comes to your logo’s colour, always try to indulge in a few colours as you can. Many colours can look catchy, but it can confuse your audience with other’s logos as well. Keep 2 or 3 colours in your website logo. Also, choose a colour that defines your company. As red is often considered the colour of strength, commitment, etc., colours have value, and your business is based on keeping that colour for your logo design.

These 6 pointers can give you a perfect eye-catching logo design for your website logo, which you can use for the website for a long time.

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Design a unique and attractive Landing Page Through Tools

Try these Tools to Design a unique and attractive Landing Page
Landing page- a perfect platform for any online-based business. Different businesses adopt different landing page strategies in order to attract potential clients. The majority of the firms opt to collect the email address of the visitors from the landing page itself. In the long run, it helps the brand to reach a larger audience through email marketing. Besides, a section of business owners showcases the sales page as the landing page. In any of these cases, a landing page needs to be attractive and engaging for the audience. As a result, you are expected to optimise the landing page of your website. In order to do that, you need some innovative tools, and here in this article, you will know four such tools that will ensure to create an attractive yet unique landing page for your website.

1. Google Sites

If you are looking for an efficient landing page building tool that is completely free of cost, Google Sites can be a great choice. Though this particular platform has a limited number of themes, these are more than enough for covering all the basic aspects of a landing page. In this platform, you will get a relatively larger graphic header and the title of your page at the top portion, and below that part, you can drag in sections for images, texts, or uploaded files. Google Sites also gives you the option to change typography and colors. The platform is powerful enough to support any type of Landing Page Toronto.

2. Carrd

If building a unique and interesting landing page in a fast manner is your requirement, it is highly recommended to take a look at the Carrd platform. Here, you don’t even require to sign up for an account; just head to its official website, choose a theme for your landing page, optimize it, and if everything goes alright, sign up just before publishing the page. The tool’s simple use and cost-effective nature play an important role in its success story.

3. Mailchimp

If you are into email marketing, you must have heard about Mailchimp. This email marketing-based application is also a great landing page creator. In order to start the process of creating a landing page, navigate through Create > Landing Page on its official website. Initially, you have to name it and choose your audience and select Begin. The tool only offers ten themes to choose from. However, each of them offers an exclusive visual appearance, and they are extremely capable. If you want your landing page to sign up for an email newsletter, Mailchimp is the tool to prefer.

4. KickoffLabs

Unlike the previously mentioned tools, Kickofflabs is not meant for creating a simple and classical form of a landing page in a quick time interval. But, this particular tool is known for creating a campaign-oriented goal-based Landing Page Design Toronto. By choosing the promotional strategy or competition, you can easily kick-off your campaign. Besides, you can also offer a discount to your customers for referring your page to their circle.

Wapping it off

Many people make the mistake of taking the landing page lightly. But, you need to understand that the landing page affects your firm’s sales number immensely. It has turned out to be a great way to generate easy leads. A recent survey suggests that the chances of getting new leads increase by a whopping 25% to 30% with a well-optimized landing page. Besides, it offers a great first impression for your website and engages your audience in a far better way. By taking the help of one of these four above-mentioned tools, you can create a unique and effective landing page for your website. There are a number of Web Design Toronto firms present in the market. However, only a few are reliable enough to trust. You can refer to experienced firms like Wiretree for the best possible solution.

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Latest Web Design Trends – An Ultimate Guide For Web Designers

Latest Web Design Trends - An Ultimate Guide For Web Designers
Are you looking to design a cutting-edge website that supports to achieve all your business mission and vision? If yes, you have to follow the strategy that is advance in today’s world and enables you to create a website apart from others. This strategy eliminates the trends of traditional years and follows the updated tools and techniques of 2018.

The internet is loaded with endless websites but the use of new and latest features make your website come into the sight immediately. Being a creative arena, trends in web design are changing continuously and following the trendy rules will keep you in the notice.

Web Design Trends:

Eliminates The Grid

You are suggested to make less use even don’t’ use the parallel lines, straight alignment and symmetry for the standard procedure. Nowadays, the use of asymmetrical design is increasing faster as these are attractive as well as used to guide the visitor’s eye-line exactly where they require it to go.

More Use Of Animation And Interactions

These days, static web design is always with us to pull in the audience with engaging, interactive and animated web designs. Create an animated graphic design on your homepage as well as paginated the scroll design. These design elements are engaging and add a measure of endless professionalism.

Image Oriented Homepage

In order to create a high conversion web design, some companies make their homepage as sale purpose. But it does not perform good so one should not write sales pitch entirely on the homepage. Nowadays, people mostly demands the eye-catchy images with minimal text on the website homepage.

Curvaceous And Organic Designs

Gone are the days when designing was limited to clean grid to straight shot lines. Now, you can apply to display the clean lines with stylish curves. Currently, the designs are adopting the organic and curved shapes for the artistic look.


Floating navigation is one of the subtly helpful web design trends. When you scroll down, the navigation appears along with the ride. If you need to go anywhere else on the navigation bar, it is already there no scrolling is necessary. Rarely, this design feature is noticed but it enables with more intuitive user experienced.

Detailed Typography

These days, the monitors can produce beautifully intricate fonts instead of sans serif that was used initially. Typography in today’s web design enables one to rely on the content as well as used as a form of artwork. You need to play with it.

In order to deliver these effects in your website, you can hire the experienced web designers at WireTree in Toronto. Our experienced team members are handy with latest tools and techniques to provide best-in-class web design services.

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2017’s Logo Trends To Transform Your Brand Identity

2017's Logo Trends To Transform Your Brand Identity
Logos are small identity images that appear on your business website. They actually depict the uniqueness of your brand or organization. To mark a successful presence an online website, make sure you include a relevant and superior logo that somehow depicts your services or products. In other words, it is a visual mark of your brand which transmits your company’s message in an ideal way. Since a business logo is a key requirement of your online brand, also make sure that it outshines its competitors at every cost.

Few ways to design a unique logo are:


One of the best trends that are ruling this years logo design is simplification in all aspects, no matter its design or colors. ‘Less is more’ is a common phrase that fits here. It’s advised to use sleek and simple design in a creative way.


Geometry refers to shapes and lines. While designing a website logo, make sure that you use clean lines and shapes, instead of curls and curves. The logos that will favor 2017 are symmetrical designs which include geometrical shapes, such as triangle, polygon or square.

Negative space

This is a new design trend that focuses on illusionist designs which blend various elements together to introduce a negative space. Logo designers use either black and white or solid colors to create an optical illusion. Since this complex design requires skills and level of creativity, a professional needs to pay extra attention and focus.

Hand drawn

Hand drawn logos that involve cursive or curvy fonts which seem no less than handwritten are gaining tremendous popularity in 2017. They not only looks unique but also offers user-friendly looks that are generally inspiring. After designing a hand written logo, make sure that is less cluttered and readable.


The essence of past is still alive in the hearts of many. There are still many individuals who favor vintage designs of black and white, instead of shapes and glitters. Vintage style logos represent the legacy of a business and give your brand an essence of an established and trustworthy business.

Business logos are unique identities of a business. These are some popular logo trends for 2017. If you are looking to design a logo for your online website, feel free to consult our Toronto graphic designers at WireTree.

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Tips to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Tips to Improve Your Website’s Usability
Modern website users are a little complex. They expect more! They don’t want any poor quality content, broken links and static graphics. No matter whether you are designing, maintaining or updating your website, usability should be the major factor. Planning and testing are the critical aspects to improve a website’s usability. Only with thorough planning you can ensure that your website is beautifully representing your business message across multiple browsers and screen sizes.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Yes, planning is the key. Create a blueprint of what and how you want a certain element. Gather all your thoughts and ideas and discuss with your developers and copywriters. They can guide you better on how to remove all the flaws from the website and make it more user friendly.

Cut Content

Trim down the web content and add more images, videos and audios. They should be able to deliver useful message to your users so that they can have trust on you. Never force audio or video playback on you users.

Look for Dead Links

Broken or dead links are always irritating. Moreover, they can also have a bad impact on your website ranking. Google consider usability as the major aspect in web design and numerous dead links on website means that your website is no longer for users. Make sure you eliminate all such dead links by using Webmaster Tool. This tool will help you identify, fix or remove such links.

Offer Sitemaps and Search

Navigation that is reliable and accurate always delivers excellent user experience. Since there are different types of visitors, some might look for a search function and some may use sitemap to look for deep pages. So, you need to prepare your site for everyone. Make sure you place search box in the upper right corner so that user can easily find it and look for relevant information.

Instructions Should Be Clear

Remove all the obstructions that can hamper the smooth transition through your website. If you have an ecommerce website, make sure all the instructions, products, description, pricing, everything is clear and understandable. Your users should not have to think about how to use the website or place the order.


CAPTCHAs are essential to prevent spams and bots, but you need to ensure that it doesn’t irritate your users. It should be easy to use and read. Avoid complex CAPTCHAs showing some short video or asking to select the roads signs or something similar.

Simple, Uniform Navigation

Navigation is an important element of a website. It should be simple and easy. Users should be able to reach the information they are looking for quickly. Avoid complex navigation that confuses the user or frustrate them. The navigation menu should be at the top so users can find and use it comfortably.

Test, Test, Test

When it comes to usability, planning and testing go hand-in-hand. You plan a thing and implement it, the next step is to test it. Testing ensures that everything is settled as per your expectations. No matter what additions or changes you do, make sure you test it and prevent all the errors.

WireTree is a team of highly skilled graphic and design management experts. We provide jaw dropping design ideas to our clients at affordable pricing.

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6 Must Have Characteristics of a Good Web Designer

6 Must Have Characteristics of a Good Web Designer
With growing Internet needs, consumers and Internet marketing has also increased. This has made many corporates eager to have their own websites. The positive aspect is that if the web is flooded with billions of sites then, there are also a huge number of consumers out there worldwide.

If you are passionate for making your business succeed online and you want to beat your competitors badly, then you must select a design which can make your site look outstanding. It can only be achieved if you hire a perfect web designer according to the need of your business.

A perfect designer can help you create a smart and appealing website which will make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Only a perfectly designed website will be able to fulfill your expectations. If a good designer is not available locally then, you can hire one from an offshore company or from a freelancing agency or from any designer available online anywhere in the world.

Before hiring a web designing company or a designer, do try to recollect information like what kind of services do they provide. Also, check whether their portfolio websites are working effectively or not. You should do proper analysis and feasibility study.

While searching for web designing services in Toronto, the main focal points should be:

Are they affordable?

The most influencing factor while hiring a web designer is to see if he is affordable or not. The money he is demanding is purposeful or not. Don’t just pay him blindly if you want profits rather than any loss. Do a cross check with other firms also. Cost is considered an important factor for online businesses.

The web designer you hire should be able to create a professional and impressive website. The charges he asks should be affordable, if not cheap. Don’t compromise with quality of your website for saving money.

Can they create impressive websites?

If you want to make your website stand out of ordinary then, it is must that you should create an eye catching attractive website. In spite of using old and common themes, go with newer designs. Just make it so interactive that visitors just love to visit it again and again.

Will their designs work well?

The website’s performance is enhanced by its functionality. Don’t just focus too much at design that you forget to provide its features. An innovative website works hand in hand with both design and functionalities. The designs should be tested to check whether they are according to need or not. Your site should work properly for 24/7/365. A good WordPress development professional knows the workings of theme designs from a user perspective as well.

Will they actually reach the visitors?

Your website, although designed in any platform, should be made readily available to all types of customers on all mediums like mobiles, laptops and tablets. Therefore, we can say that website should be made responsive. It means visitors from any corner of the world should be able to reach us.

A perfect web designer can make it possible through proper programming and designing.

Will it fulfill your expectations?

A website can be considered worthy if it fulfill your needs and purpose for which it was created. If a website is able to increase your social presence on the web, then it can be said that a web designer has fulfilled his responsibility.

Do they provide maintenance services?

The web designer whom you have selected should not only be in charge till a website is being developed but he should also take the responsibility after delivery. No wonder why WordPress maintenance services are also a big thing these days. Any types of errors and bugs should be altered time to time. If some new trend comes into existence then, he should try to update it in your site too.

If you’ll follow up the above factors, it will absolutely help you hire a perfect web designer for your website.

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2016’s Latest Web Design Trends that Turns Eyes

2016's Latest Web Design Trends that Turns Eyes
An impressive website will surely help to increase the visitors on your site. In 2016, various web trends are followed which can help you develop a responsive website. Trends for developing site changes from time to time. Its not worthy to keep waiting for a new trend and aesthetic design. If you are designing a website keeping in view the modern requirements then design the elements such that they are easy to implement and also pleasing to visualize.

If you are not aware of the latest trends, then following are the few examples:

  • Use Animations

    Animations provide strong focus as they create visual interest and interaction. They are growing fastest as a rising web designing trend.

    Animations in its both types, that is big and small, are perfect. If we want to focus on the entire design, give attention to scrolling, then big animations can provide the better effect. If strong focus is not needed, then small animations which come in various allude shapes and sizes, such as movement of mouse cursor and new page loading can be used.

  • Hero Images

    As visualizing acts as a sense of sharp attraction, it is considered that images of various trending super heroes and actors can seriously make your website more attractive and interactive. With hero videos and images the design feature covers up to show oversize image headers.

    If you want any dull or simple content to be the statement of strong visualization, then hero images can contribute a lot.

  • Card-Style Design

    The most popular trends nowadays is card-style design. In card style design, the content is just placed up in an oval styled container and just feels like being a baseball card. Cards are considered a simplest way to provide a structured appearance to a lot of content.

    Cards provide important information, such as the “About Us” cards and act as a guide to a customer. While a card can be presented in different ways based on design style, a popular technique is ‘Material Design’, recommended by Google.

  • Infographics and Statistical Charts

    To make a website more impressive infographics and statistical charts play a vital role. They just provide a graphical view or format which is easier to understand by customer. Statistical charts such as pie charts and graphs are just used to depict various figures in a readable way. The more the graphics used, the more interactive will be the website.

  • Responsive Designs

    The most important web trend on any of the website, is responsive web design. It is considered simple and cheap way for creating attractive and fully functional websites for businesses. To provide a responsive design use moving backgrounds and screen banners and avoid using javascript to a maximum extent.

    Responsive web design is compatible with minimalism. It also works smoothly with cards as it can fit itself to any screen size.

At WireTree, we have a habit of delivering amazing websites to our clients rich with features, security and latest design trends. Contact our web designers in Toronto to discuss your project.