6 Best Free WordPress Themes To Download Right Now!

6 Best Free WordPress Themes To Download Right Now!
Are you planning to own an online business website developed on WordPress? If yes, you have to make the right choice from thousands of WP themes available for free or at a premium. No doubt, WordPress is the most common content management system that is easy to install, use and manipulate. This is the reason why almost 80% of the top websites in the world are developed on this CMS.

Whether you want to build a portfolio website, a blog, business website or an e-commerce website, WordPress is loaded with amazing themes and layout to serve the purpose. Moreover, it is a well known platform for developing fully functional and responsive websites that too within a budget. Installing a free theme available online can help you save not only the time but money too.

By choosing WordPress as a development medium, you can rest assured as your website will look all decent, modern and professional. Since it is difficult to make the right choice for selecting the most appropriate theme for your business, we have compiled here the best free WP themes that can help you own an attractive business website.

  • Twenty Seventeen

    It is a popular theme that offers solid functionalities and is available at Twenty Seventeen is a fully responsive theme that has gained an immense popularity because of the reason you can add multimedia content and personalize it according to your needs. Moreover, you can even run the theme in your native language. Try it once and it’ll surely become your favorite one too.

  • Shapely

    After Twenty Seventeen, it is Shapely that is descending the throne of popularity. If you are looking to own a one-page website, go for Shapely. It is a powerful WP theme offering a full range of unmatched customization options. It supports an array of functionalities ranging from responsive & flat design to retina-ready views and customizer/ plugin support. It comes pre-loaded with WooCommerce integration, translation ready and unlimited color options.

  • Quality Green

    Quality Green is another great WP theme found on It is the child version of Quality theme and offer a myriad of features and functionalities including but not limited to background options, logos, content, multimedia and other easy to customize features.

  • Kale

    If you are looking for a theme offering minimalistic view and functionality, Kale is the best choice. Whether you want to develop a typical business site or want to create a website for fashion, parenting, cooking, online shopping store, Kale comes with unlimited features. You can customize a slider, add featured content, YouTube videos, add a logo, and much more. Moreover, it is an SEO-friendly website consisting of neat and clean code.

  • Breviter

    Breviter is a popular theme that is specially designed for creative bloggers who want to attract more readers and audiences towards their blogging website. Whether you are a wedding planner, a fashion blogger, or a creative photographer, Breviter is the right theme to go for if you are looking for a bunch of customization options and elements.

  • EightStore Lite

    If you are looking for an e-commerce friendly theme set-up accompanied with WooCommerce integration, EightStore Lite is the ultimate theme to download that is available for free. Loaded with a number of functionalities, you can easily customize the website design, theme layout, homepage elements, product slider and add featured products to attract the target customers.

So, here are the themes you can download anytime to develop a feature-rich and responsive WordPress website for your business. Apart from these, several other themes are available on the web that fulfills your online website needs with the least expenses. If you are looking for a WordPress developer in Toronto to develop a responsive website, look no further than WireTree.

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All You Need To Know About New WordPress 4.7

All You Need To Know About New WordPress 4.7
4.7 is a major WordPress release that brings a lot of amazing improvements and several bug fixes. This feature-packed version of WP will make your website even more better. Make sure you perform a full website backup before updating WordPress 4.7. It is also advisable to check if your theme or plugin providers have mentioned anything specific about WP 4.7 support.

In this article, we will discuss about what’s new in WordPress 4.7 and what features you must try after updating the website.

Twenty Seventeen – A New Default Theme

When you expect an update, you also expect a new default theme and here it comes. Twenty Seventeen is a beautiful theme that is apt for business websites. It has the much desired flexibility and crisp, which looks great on all screens.

Video Header Support

Video header support allows developers to add full screen videos. Users can now upload their own videos in mp4 format or even add a YouTube video.

Starter Content Support for Themes

Starter content support is a great help for users to set up a site with dummy content that they can edit later to meet their own needs. User just have to visit the theme customizer to save the starter content.

PDF Previews

WordPress 4.7 provides a feature that will generate thumbnail previews for PDF files and display them in media library. This feature will create an image of the first page of PDF file that is stored in different sizes and can be viewed in media library.

Edit Shortcuts in Customizer Preview

WordPress 4.7 brings an exciting feature that will help new users to edit an item with ease. With ‘Edit Shortcuts’ in customizer preview that is placed on editable items. Since, it is a new feature, it might not be available with your current theme.

Add Custom CSS in Live Preview

WordPress 4.7 allows you to quickly add custom CSS with the help of Customizer and view live preview of the changes done. This feature can surely save a lot of time and efforts of developers.

Admin Language Control

Now, you can easily switch the admin area language with WP 4.7. However, you will still have to install the languages so users can switch them.

Editor Improvements in WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 brings some major changes to the editor. Now, you can see keyboard shortcuts in tooltips and drop-down menus. The paragraph and heading selector menu can also be seen in the top bar.

With this new version, users get a plethora of exciting features. If you want to know more about this latest version, feel free to contact our expert WordPress developers in Toronto.

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Which One is Good for Your Site – WordPress or Static HTML?

Which One is Good for Your Site - WordPress or Static HTML?
It is very difficult to choose the right platform to launch a new business website. Today, you usually have two options, one is WordPress and the second one is Static HTML. You have to decide which one is perfect for your site. And its very hard to choose!

Both of these have some advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand these pros and cons before choosing any one of them for your site.

After reading this article, you can easily compare both of them and know which is good. We discuss some important points about WordPress and Static HTML to help you to understand which option gives you better value for money.

Pros of WordPress

  • Easy to operate and update

    Once you have created an account or a website on WordPress, you can easily update your site’s new information without getting any help of developer. You can add pages, images, products, blog post very easily on WordPress. Updation is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • In-built templates

    Users can find lot of professional templates which are available on the WordPress. These can be used to build your site. The main benefits of these themes are they are well-made graphically and are also mobile friendly. All these themes are used by professional web designers and developers throughout the world.

  • Have control of your site

    If you have a WordPress site, it means you have full control of your website’s various elements such as content and URL name. You don’t need to wait for any developer to make subtle changes or updates to your site. Any changes can be done easily.

Cons of WordPress

  • Need regular updates

    WordPress require updates very frequently. There is a chance to new updation will corrupt the database. To prevent this, you need a backup every time.

Pros of Static HTML

  • No need of maintenance

    Once you launch your website, you need to update anything. Just get the backup of site once and after that no requirement of any updation and installation on a frequent basis.

Cons of Static HTML

  • No updates and additional features

    Like WordPress, HTML website is not easy to update. It is very difficult to update, especially for beginners. You cannot add any extra features, such as a gallery and store, in your website. For any minor changes, you will have to hire a developer.

  • Costly

    Static HTML is costly because you need a developer for any little changes and you will have to pay him for his job. So, HTML website is costly as compared to WordPress website.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of HTML and WordPress websites. As expected WordPress has more advantages and is good for your website. Additionally, most professionals would agree that WordPress is a good choice if you want updates and changes on your website consistently.

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