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2017's Logo Trends To Transform Your Brand Identity
Logos are small identity images that appear on your business website. They actually depict the uniqueness of your brand or organization. To mark a successful presence an online website, make sure you include a relevant and superior logo that somehow depicts your services or products. In other words, it is a visual mark of your brand which transmits your company’s message in an ideal way. Since a business logo is a key requirement of your online brand, also make sure that it outshines its competitors at every cost.

Few ways to design a unique logo are:


One of the best trends that are ruling this years logo design is simplification in all aspects, no matter its design or colors. ‘Less is more’ is a common phrase that fits here. It’s advised to use sleek and simple design in a creative way.


Geometry refers to shapes and lines. While designing a website logo, make sure that you use clean lines and shapes, instead of curls and curves. The logos that will favor 2017 are symmetrical designs which include geometrical shapes, such as triangle, polygon or square.

Negative space

This is a new design trend that focuses on illusionist designs which blend various elements together to introduce a negative space. Logo designers use either black and white or solid colors to create an optical illusion. Since this complex design requires skills and level of creativity, a professional needs to pay extra attention and focus.

Hand drawn

Hand drawn logos that involve cursive or curvy fonts which seem no less than handwritten are gaining tremendous popularity in 2017. They not only looks unique but also offers user-friendly looks that are generally inspiring. After designing a hand written logo, make sure that is less cluttered and readable.


The essence of past is still alive in the hearts of many. There are still many individuals who favor vintage designs of black and white, instead of shapes and glitters. Vintage style logos represent the legacy of a business and give your brand an essence of an established and trustworthy business.

Business logos are unique identities of a business. These are some popular logo trends for 2017. If you are looking to design a logo for your online website, feel free to consult our Toronto graphic designers at WireTree.