Happy Canada Day - Blessed To Be A Canadian Citizen
1st July, the most important day for Canada has arrived with celebrations all around the country. As we wave the Maple Leaf flags on the 150th Anniversary of the country, let’s together remember our origins, history and acknowledge our roots.

We are blessed enough that none of our citizens have to fight for his existence in the country. From a large land with rare population, we have now turned into a diverse economy with citizens from different religions and backgrounds. Despite of our diversity, we always stand together as one.

Let’s be proud that Canada is a homeland for people from all over the globe. Let us appreciate our diversity and honor our ancestors who taught us values and respect for all. Canadians should feel honored and blessed that we have a complete treasure of values that include promoting peace, teaching tolerance and urging unity, among peoples from all races, tribes, and religions.

So, a deep respect from the bottom of the heart and Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, majestic, rich and special country. We are a part of the economy that is continuously becoming richer, the longer it matures. Richer in culture, richer in diversity, richer in equality, richer in experience, richer in character and richer in peace.

It is not less than a blessing to be a Canadian and a privilege to call this great land our home. Today, we are all ready to celebrate our goodness and greatness. Let us never forget that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that Canada stays as Canada against global issues and hazards. We stand by our immigrants and will keep on welcoming new residents to come, study, live and work in our country. Canada is a country to cherish, appreciate and love. We are proud of our land and values. It’s our nation and we promise to preserve it for always.

Happy Canada Day!

Proud Canadians at WireTree.