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Essential points about Flutter App development

What is Flutter App Development?

A UI toolkit that is compact and portable in nature provided by Google to utilized to build the best quality native experience for web, mobile, and desktop in record time. A flutter is a free tool and open-source. It comes with a complete framework, tools, and widgets. It is functional with existing code that is used by developers around the world.

For developers, Flutter speeds up the development of mobile applications and decrease the complexity of app production and price as well across iOS and Android. Developers find it straightforward to build and deploy visually attractive, quick mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter also assist designers to deliver the original design vision and act as a productive prototyping tool.

  • Google released Flutter 1.12 with many improvements
  • Google released Dart 2.3 offers new support for UI-as-code features
  • The latest Flutter release adds support for developing Chrome OS applications
  • The architecture of Flutter is based on the very popular reactive programming of today on which React has been made from.

Are Flutter Apps are Native?

Flutter resolves any perplexity by allowing having the same codebase for Android, IOS, Web, and Desktop. Making bets on cross-platform applications will help you to avail of profit in the future. Flutter enables cross-platform app development. Flutter is a solution for cross-platform mobile development apps. The apps development with the use of Flutter is coded in Dart. And Dart is a mixture of JavaScript, C#, and Java.

What are the Pros and Cons of Flutter?

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  • Faster Code Writing
    Flutter indicates faster & more powerful mobile app development. Developers can make changes in the code and see them directly in the app. It is called Hot reload, which usually only takes a few seconds and helps developers to add features, fix bugs and experiment faster.
  • Same Code Supports 2 Platforms
    Developers write just one codebase for your 2 apps both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter is a platform free SDK because it has its own widgets and designs. Therefore, one code for the same app on two platforms. The amazing thing is that you still have the possibility to differentiate the two apps.
  • Less Testing
    When you have the same code for two apps it will save the testing time. The Quality Assurance process can be faster. Because there is one codebase, the developers need to write test code only once.
  • Faster Apps
    Flutter apps function in a smooth and quick way, without hanging and cutting while scrolling.
  • The Same App UI on Older Devices
    Flutter base new app will look similar, even on old versions of Android and iOS systems. There are no extra charges for supporting older devices.


  • Libraries and support are not as rich as native development.
  • Flutter offers no support for Apple TV and Android TV.
  • Flutter not offer the best device flexibility.
  • Flutter is not broadly supported by CI platforms like Travis or Jenkins. Therefore, to achieve automatic building, testing, and deployment, your developer needs to use and maintain custom scripts.

What popular apps are made with Flutter?

  • Xianyu app by Alibaba: One of the biggest eCommerce platform
  • Hamilton app is the official app for the Broadway Musical
  • Google Ads app
  • Reflectly
  • JD Finance – a leading digital technology company
  • Topline app by Abbey Road Studios