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3 Online Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Know
Undoubtedly, content is the foundation of content marketing journey. But, creating unique and informative content is just a beginning. Next, you need to focus on the effectiveness of the content and how it is reaching out your audience. The content should be evaluated and monitored consistently so that it can deliver the expected results.

Here are 3 marketing metrics every smart marketer should focus on.

Conversion Rate

If you are producing content just because you have heard that content is the king, stop right there and think. Is your content good enough to bring visitors? If the answer is no, it’s high time to reassess your content. Also, focus on your call to action, they need to be strong enough to engage the visitors.You develop content for conversion and it is the best way to measure your success. Determine the conversion rates with the help of Google Analytics. Track your conversions from lead generation forms or email opt-ins or you can also track your discarded shopping carts for shopping websites. This way you can set your goals, and plan the actions to meet your conversion rate expectations.

When you have a clear idea about your conversion rates, you can focus on creating more relevant and effective content. You should know whether or not your content marketing following the right path.


ROI or Return on Investment tells you how profitable your content marketing strategy is for your business. Your content should engage readers and improve your followers and certified buyers. Measure consumption, lead generation and sales to determine your ROI.

Google Analytics tool can help measure all these aspects. Once you know the difference between the number of visitors coming and the number staying and clicking, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your content. Don’t forget to include social media sharing metrics when determining the ROI. After analyzing all these areas, you will get an insight into your cost per lead. This way you can discover your success story and how your content is acting as a powerful tool.

Bounce Rates

A bounce rate tells you about the visitors who visit the website, but don’t interact. This part requires most of your focus as it indicates that the visitors are no longer interested in your content. Talented content marketers focus on keeping people around by encouraging them to click. This is the key for your overall success. If the bounce rate is about 50 percent, re-evaluate your content to determine why this is happening and what your audience really wants.

Every smart content marketer should focus on all these metrics to determine the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy. While tracking everything may seem overwhelming, but it is vital to ensure your success online.