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E-A-T in SEO : Everything You Need To Know!
E-A-T is a new entry in the world of SEO that is an abbreviation form of Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Google uses this term to determine your site ranking, and it is considered to be an accurate and reliable source. Here,

  • Expertise is taken to be an expert in your field
  • Authority refers to ensure that Google can understand your credentials
  • Trust means what you say, you do and should be trusted by others.

So, following this abbreviation, consider improving your site E-A-T.

How To Improve Your Website E-A-T

    • Right Way To Use Advertisements

      Adverts on your site should not distract visitors from the main content on a page, and it does not stop users from accessing your site. For this, make sure:

      • Pop-up ads and interstitial pages should be easy to close
      • The adverts should not have graphics and shocking content to distract the users from your site.
      • It should be easy for users to view their content.
    • Attribution

      Your website content should be clear to Google and the site visitors. Everything should be in place from images to videos and CTA. Ensure:

      • The content on your site should be attributed to a company, organization and person.
      • It should be clear who owns sites and who operates it.
      • Keep a dedicated blog page to deliver vast information to your site visitors.
      • Contact details should be available on each of your site pages.
    • Content

      Apart from keeping your content easy to understand, engaging, interesting and unique, keep it up-to-date at the appropriate length. Clickbait titles are no go. Follow all the rules by Google when developing content and keep the below things in your mind:

      • If you are running an eCommerce site, then keep the display of your payment, exchange, delivery, offers, overcharges, return and refund policies in front of the user. It should not be hidden in the content.
      • Deceiving users is one of the things that should be eliminated. It means never display the inaccurate or wrong information through your content as this can lead to adding a negative review in your site from the visitors.
      • If you have so many web pages, consider keeping their info to the point. The more lengthy page you create, the more people will lose interest in it.
    • Expertise Of Author

      Expertise is an essential aspect of E-A-T. So, when you provide information on specific topics, the author has to be a qualified expert, and with other subjects, the lived experience is also essential. Remember to fill the information with the necessary author experience and qualification.
      Apart from this, the full links and citations from relevant individuals, organizations and companies one of the other essential aspects of E-A-T.

    • Online & On-Site Reputation

      On-site reputation is something that somewhere helps to improve your online reputation. It includes all external sources to determine why Google trust you, such as:

      • Your company or website ever achieved any award.
      • You got recommendations from any professional society.

Online reputation, on the other hand, refers to your presence on the web. It includes a wide variety of things that Google looks to determine whether you are reliable. Lack of online reputation may affect your online image. You may not be highly recommended, and there will be low traffic, conversion, and revenue that lead to low ranking.

    • Reviews

      Trust is another aspect of E-A-T that can be built with positive reviews. Review and reputation cover similar land. Reviews are what was the experience of people when they deal with you. Remember, most of the people read the reviews before making a deal with you. Thus, your business growth gets affected by your site visitors’ reviews.

      • Make sure to have positive reviews
      • Politely handle the negative reviews
      • Take the bad reviews to improve your services

You can take the help of online reputation management experts to improve your site’s digital reputation.

    • Site Security & Maintenance

      Making sure that your site is secure, increase your E-A-T and make your website trustworthy. For this,

      • Use security plugins
      • Convert your website to HTTPs obtaining the SSL certificate
      • Perform regular maintenance

Thus, your site E-A-T will be improved. It will merely give high-quality results that you look for. Nevertheless, if you are still not sure on how to boost your website E-A-T, we are just one call away from you.

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